The Little People Charity Organization and PokerFest are hosting the Poker Beats Cancer event, a poker tournament that will help raise money for helping cancer-ill children treated in multiple Romanian hospitals.

The event will take place on Nov 30th, 2016, and will be organized in the JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest.

The tournament has a €100 buy-in with re-entry possibility, and all the money, including rake, will be donated. More players in the field means more money to charity and to those who face the hardest challenge of life from the beginning.

The event will still have a prizepool comprised of our sponsors generous donations. Hence, for the players, this event might turn out to have a real financial value!
The event is not ours to brag about, but it takes place thanks to those who will participate in the tournament. We can only offer them the chance to use their generosity in a humanitarian way, for a top-priority cause. I’m glad that the initiative has immediate reaction among those invited

Sorin Constantinescu, PokerFest CEO


Total prize pool: €25,000

Right now, the total prize pool reaches €25,000 in cash. The money comes from the following sponsor’s donations:

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Participants list

The tournament generated interest on Facebook from the very beginning, and the poker community reacted very fast, dozens of players registering already for the tournament.

Those who want to participate can send an e-mail to, and specify a telephone number for details.

Here’s the list of those who already registered:

Carmen Zainescu Viorel Chelariu Dan Chisu
Cristian Iliescu Cosmin Monac Mihai Bobonete
Andrei Iordache Adrian Demusca Razvan Fodor
Alexandru Mitrus Iulian Despa Liviu Varciu
Vlad Ristu Marisu Bogzeanu DOC
Alex Ersen Cristian Eugen Iliescu Sorin Bontea
Dany Parlafes Razvan Mihaita Bujoiu Codin Maticiuc
Ionut Decher Teodor Andrian Ciurea Guess Who
Tudor Alin Ionut Liviu Chirita Shift
Marius Daniel Cazacu Gabriel Cioaca DJ Grigo
Teodor Naicu Luca Almosnino Nosfe
Lucian Prisecaru Florian George Badea Alexandru Piturca
Valentin Cristea Andrei Iosep
Cosmin Galeriu Gheorghe Nascutzy
Vlad Ardeleanu Andrei Iosep
Narcis Nedelcu Razvan Bordei
Marian Strachinescu Alex Andrei Sirbu
Mihai Manole Andrei Miut
Alex Cosac Mihai Toni
Marian Panduru Viorica Mos
Marius Cristian Virtejeanu Renaldo Costinel Dumitrascu
Alexandru Ion Vagner Ciprian Tarara
Andrei Alecu Nicolae Cosmin
Alin Ivanov Mihai Fulgusin
Gabriel Honciuc Rezervat de
Dragos Oprescu Rezervat de
Daniel Diac Rezervat de
Alex Ghioca Rezervat de
Alexandru Gabriel Cornis Rezervat de
Dan Ursu Gabriel Alin Chibrit
Ionel Anton Cosmin Tudor
Teodor Dascalu Aurelian Marius Vizireanu
Emil Marian Faur Elena Grigorescu
George Bors Alexandru Nicolae Preda
Florin Pandilica Ruxandra Luchian
Tudor Man Gino Mario Iorgulescu
Adrian Stoica Stefan George Parvu
Cristi Soare Ciprian Tarara
Beny Soare Claudiu Vladu
Collin Cristian Duduca Cioflec Sabin
Vlad Iliescu Andrei Mihail Dimitriu
Razvan Marcel Cirstian Florin Minea
Silviu Bobicescu Dorin Agavriloaie
Iustin Daniel Isac Daniel Balaiasa
Leonard Dobre Andrei Mihaila
George Ghibanu Andrei-Catalin Ghergu
Cristian Andrei Richard Jonson
Alexandru Serbu Cosmin Csender
Mihai Valentin Goras Sorin Flutur
Elvis Petcu
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The structure is a „Wild Rebuys”, meaning that during late registration (8 levels) the game progresses slowly, and after the rebuy is over becomes very aggressive. For €100, players can buy unlimited 5,000 stacks, unless they pass the 50,000 chips mark.

  • Start: Nov 30th 2016, 14:00
  • Buy-in: €100, unlimited rebuys
  • Starting chips: 5.000
  • Late reg. and re-buy: 8 levels
  • Level time: 15 minutes

Nivel Small/Big/Ante Durată
1 50/100/0 15 min
2 75/150/25 15 min
3 100/200/25 15 min
4 150/300/25 15 min
5 200/400/50 15 min
6 300/600/75 15 min
7 400/800/100 15 min
8 500/1000/100 15 min
Pauză 20 min
9 750/1500/200 15 min
10 1000/2000/200 15 min
11 1500/3000/300 15 min
12 2000/4000/400 15 min
13 3000/6000/400 15 min
14 4000/8000/500 15 min
15 5000/10000/500 15 min
16 6000/12000/1000 15 min
Pauză 20 min
17 8000/16000/1000 15 min
18 10000/20000/1000 15 min

Programul festivalului

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