WinterFest Brașov 2012 starts TODAY!

Christmas comes early for pokerfans in Romania. The final stage of our circuit starts today, in Vesuvius Casino, Brasov.


The tournament area is set and this afternoon will see the start of the first event, a supersatellite with a buy-in of RON 230 (about EUR 50). Rebuy and addon options are also available.


The start is set for 17:00 hours local time, and this supersatellite will grant one ticket worth EUR 800 for every EUR 800 in the prize pool. Usually, this supersatellites have a qualifying rate of 1 out of 6, better then most of the other satellites.

Vesuvius Casino’s adress is:


Calea București, nr. 229A, loc. Brasov

tel: 0268.301.425

fax: 0268.301.401



IMPORTANT: During PokerFest Brasov, the Vesuvius Casino starts its daily program at 13:00 local time, not 17.00, as usual.


Don’t forget that PokerFest players can take advantage of special room rates in Ramada Hotel, placed just minutes away from Vesuvius Casino. (click for room prices).


The full PokerFest Brasov schedule can be found here.



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