Vlad Darie Becomes Double PokerFest Champion in Cluj-Napoca!

Our final Main Event for this year has come to an end in Royal Poker Club Cluj-Napoca. After three days of tournament poker, Vlad Darie managed to win the event, achieving the second PokerFest Trophy of his career and the first place prize of €10,300.

The victory comes to end another spectacular year for the Romanian, an established valuable player both in online and live.

In the final day, Vlad was short-stacked at the start of the final table, but in less than 120 minutes, he managed to take over the tournament and control the leaderboard. From there, he never looked back, and finished Dinu Lupean, his last opponent, with great style, when Dinu shoved with jx10x just to be smashed by Darie with kxkx.


Here are the PokerFest Cluj Final Table results:


Place gt;Name Prize (€)
1 Vlad Darie 10,300€
2 Dinu Lupean 6,900€
3 Rareș Cimerdean 4,450€
4 Cristian Tămaș 3,750€
5 Anghel Tocaci 3,000€
6 Cătălin Rațiu 2,300€
7 Andrei Lazăr 1,950€
8 Adrian Crăcan 1,600€
9 Ciprian Vomir 1,250€


Congratulations for Vlad Darie and the best of luck for all the poker players in the world. We wih you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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