Vaczó András, Tropicana PokerFest champion

175 players, 18 places paid, one champion. This was the course of our Tropicana PokerFest Main Event, and the only player to go all the way is Vaczó András, a young talented player who has managed in the final day to turn hish below average chipstack into a title and a first prize of over 26.000 EUR, after a four-way chop.


The third and final day had 18 players left and after a flurry of eliminations, in just three hours the final table was set. Noam C. was in control in that moment, but he didn’t manage to ride his stack to the end and finished on fifth. With his exit, the last four players left were almost equal and play was halted because they all wanted to discuss a deal. Vaczó András, Váradi Péter, Idan R. and Dino Marsani all secured a five figure payday after negociations, and then proceeded to play for the title and the last 5,000 EUR left for the champion.

Marsani busted in fourth place, then the last three had an idea: to go all-in toghether and the winner takes all… all that’s left.

The board ran kc8h5c8d2s. Varadi turned over ac6d, Idan was even weaker with 10d6s, and Vaczo became champion, holding ks9d for a pair of kings.


These are the awarded prizes in Tropicana PokerFest Main Event:


Loc Nume Bani
1. Vaczó András €26,166*
2. Váradi Péter €26,316*
3. Idan R. €25,541*
4. Dino Marsani €20,625*
5. Noam C. €9,950
6. Bubor László €7,650
7. Boros Mátyás Zoltán €5,950
8. Vígh Péter €4,750
9. Bank Gábor €3,650
10. Birizdó István €2,900
11. Gál Ferenc €2,900
12. Zab Attila €2,675
12. Szabados Róbert €2,675
14. Sas Szilárd €2,450
15. Miklós Csaba €2,450
16. Kovács András €2,050
17. Szécsi Norbert €2,050
18. Liszkovics József €2,050

*denotes a four way deal


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