Unibet Open Bucharest: New Circuit Record Celebrated With A 300+ Mannequin Challenge

Record Unibet Open. Foto: Razvan Segu

The Unibet Open Grand Final proves to be a total success in Bucharest! This became clear in the second starting flight of the Main Event, when the registrations were closed and the total number of participants rose up to 603.

This squandered the previous record of 460 (Budapest, Hungary, 2010) by a very large margin. Also, the 603 registrations easily beats the €500,000 guarantee, with a final prize pool of €584,910.

To mark this moment in Unibet Open’s history, all the staff, all the players and anyone involved in the event stood still for quite some time to film a memorable Mannequin Challenge clip, contributing to the Internet’s most recent craze.

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