Road To Las Vegas

The show must go on! “Road to Vegas” resumes on Thursday night on B1 TV with an explosive lineup

Calificari online pe pentru "Road to Las Vegas"!
Calificari online pe pentru "Road to Las Vegas"!

Thousands of phone calls, thousands of emails and thousands of messages have been sent in the last three months from live poker lovers to PokerFest addresses, all with the same question (a question that deserves the “All-time FAQ Trophy”):

“When does live poker resume?”

Well, if all in this world has an end, live poker is not on the list. Sooner or later, this wonderful board game is destined to return, and if things go according to our hopes, we will soon be able to enjoy the pleasant symphony of chips in the big poker rooms together, as we have. normal.

And the first sign is here: the “Road to Vegas” show is back!
Yes! After 14 highly successful episodes and a nearly four-month break, the four hours of live poker televised live on Thursday night on B1 TV will resume tomorrow, July 2, for at least four more episodes (for a total of 18 scheduled) , and possibly more.

So, the big battle for the three final prizes resumes, and, even if the “road to Vegas” now seems a bit longer, the stakes remain just as tempting: money and / or tournament tickets for the winner of the seven participants who they will play the visible cards on TV in front of the fans in two days.

We remind you of the show’s formula: six finalists from the 888poker online satellite and a special guest from the media and social media will play for four hours, from Thursday night to Friday, for a package similar in value to those awarded so far: a trip in Vegas (or any other live festival) convertible on request in cash.

The game will be commented and broadcast live, without delay and will end at the end of the four hours of play if until then there will be no six eliminations, the prize in this case being awarded according to the stacks after the last hand played.

The game at the 15th edition promises to be tough and spectacular. Among the online qualifiers is the prodigious live and online professional Adrian Sorel State (four PokerFest titles), along with another shark of our live series, Andrei Nodea, against a special top guest: fighter Cătălin Moroșanu who is a good friend of live poker over For 15 years, he never refused a live homegame with his poker friends during the breaks between his competitions on the Dynamite circuit. Those who do not know Cătălin as a fighter or poker player, surely know him as a great animator of some popular television shows in Romania.


So we have before us an explosive Thursday night, where the skills of the professionals, the ambition of the amateurs and the thirst for victory of Moro will be combined in a show that we anticipate anthologically.

Surely there is one more question on your tongue now:

“Are online qualifications still held?”

Yes! The next two (and possibly more) will be played on July 10 and 17, Friday at 22:00 on 888poker, under the same hard-to-refuse conditions: a $ 10 online satellite with $ 5,000 in guaranteed prizes and the first six places eligible for the next televised finals, a tournament from which anyone with little luck can win good money and propel themselves into the spotlight where they can multiply their profits and personal image as a poker player.

So we are waiting for you on Thursday night to meet again live, but also online, on, at the satellites on July 10 and 17!

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