Teodor Gheoarcă, PokerFest Mamaia champion

The PokerFest Mamaia, June 2013, Main Event was the biggest romanian poker tournament organized outside Bucharest ever, and on Friday, it came to an end when Teodor Gheoarcă succeded to win the Trophy, defeating a number of 317 opponents.

Teodor, a relatively unknown young poker player that played in PokerFest for the first time, proved to be the strongest contender, mostly considering he started the final table as the second shortest stack in the room. His courage and inspiration determined him to play some aggresive poker, constantly shifting his strategies to confuse his opponents. One moment he had the nuts, next moment he’d bluff with air playing the same way, then changing everything to catch some one offguard.

Of course, he was also lucky enough to catch four premium hands during the final table. Each time, he got to the showdown and each time, his kings, aces or queens (twice) stayed strong and won key-pots in decisive moments.

The last of these hands came when there were three players left. Along Gheoarca, Dany Parlafes and Gabriel Popescu were fighting for the trophy, and they all ended up in a 3-way all-in. Gheoarca had queens, best hand and the most chips. Then came Parlafes with fives, and Popescu with ace-king. The board produced nothing, Gheoarca’s queens won the hand and the tournament in a rare encounter to mark the final fight of one of the most beautiful tournaments ever to be held in Romania.




Final Table Leaderboard:

Place Name
1 Teodor Gheoarcă
2 Gabriel Popescu
3 Dany Parlafes
4 Tudor Ștefan Răgălie
5 Mihai Taizs
6 Gusti Sas
7 Rostislav Matocha
8 Luca Almosnino
9 Paul Plastoi


Congratulations to our new champion!

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