SPECIAL Room Prices For Israeli Poker Championship Players

Bucharest Pullman Hotel has a special offer for those who intend to play in our next Israeli Poker Championship festival, scheduled from March 29th to April 2nd.

IPC will be held in the World Trade Center Bucharest Dome, and Pullman is right next to it. Even more, the buildings have interior connection, so the players that will choose to stay in Pullman don’t even have to go outside in order to get from their rooms to the tournament area. This is particularly important in Bucharest, a lively, but crowdy city where time-saving is not just a concept, but a real advantage. Also, Pullman has multiple restaurants, shops, fitness rooms or other places, suitable for any need.

Prices are specifically negotiated for poker players, but in order to take advantage, reservations must be made until March 10, 2017.

Monday-Thursday Prices:

Single – 74€/room

Double – 84€/room

Friday-Sunday Prices:

Single – 56€/room

Double – 66€/room

For reservations, please download this form, complete the fields and send it by email to laura@pokerfest.ro.

For any other information don’t hesitate to call (+4)0733.450.808.

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