Idan and Noam dominate Tropicana PokerFest on the bubble

87 players returned for day two in our Budapest event, and when the dust settled, just 18 remain, all in the money.

The current leader is Idan with 821,000 chips, followed closely by his country fellow Noam Cohen with 818,000. They both come from Israel and are way ahead of the rest of the field, the closest competitor being Boros Mátyás, with 666.000, Top 5 is completed by Váradi Péter (487,000) and Zab Attila (312,000). Our leaders are talking real poker business, with an aggressive style, always to the limit, always decisive, and lethal for many opponents.


Cohen was the one to bust the starting day’s chip leader, Vlad Darie. According to, there were 27 players left when Darie, Cohen and Dino Marsani got their chips in the middle, all in preflop.

Darie: acqc

Marsani: 9s5s

Cohen: ahad

The board ran out 8h9c9d2c7s, Marsani tripled, while Cohen got the side pot and busted Darie.


The bubble boy was short-stack Iosif Botar, when he shoved with ac4h only to be called by Boros Matyas Zoltan with as8h. No help for Botar on a board 7hkc8c8sjh and Iosif finished the Main Event on 19th place.

Here’s the list of the final 18. All of them have a minimum cash of €2.050 guaranteed, but all are shooting for the title and the grand prize of €41,000.

Loc Nume Fise
1 Idan R 821.000
2 Noham C 818.000
3 Boros Mátyás 666.000
4 Váradi Péter 487.000
5 Zab Attila 312.000
6 Szécsi Norbert 301.000
7 Vaczó András 258.000
8 Bubor László 245.000
9 Vígh Péter 225.000
10 Birizdó István 218.000
11 Bank Gábor 175.000
12 Sas Szilárd 171.000
13 Kovács András 124.000
14 Gál Ferenc 117.000
15 Miklós Csaba 90.000
16 Dino Marsani 83.000
17 Liszkovics József 80.000
18 Szabados Róbert 56.000


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