PokerFest Cluj Starts in Three Days. Three Informations for a Pleasant Stay

PokerFest Cluj, December edition, is getting closer with every minute. In three days, our own Alex Cretu will announce the „Shuffle Up and Deal” in the first tournament of the series and, considering the previous experience with Royal Poker Club in Cluj-Napoca, we will have one very interesting poker festival. We’re sure that the local community will be strongly represented, and players from other cities or countries have already announced their participation.

For professionals, this is the last chance of the year to catch a title in the most prestigious Romanian poker circuit. For wannabe poker pros, this is a perfect opportunity to gains some live-tournament experience, on their way to the biggest events of the world. And, of course, for recreational players that play mostly for pleasure, PokerFest Cluj can be a perfect Christmas present. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing week at the poker tables, after a stressful business year…

Still, for a successful vacation in our event, we gathered three tips for you and your poker buddies.

1. Do not park illegally

In Cluj, finding a good parking place can be very challenging sometimes. And if you leave your car in a forbidden parking spot, you will get at least a fine by the very vigilant local police. But they might even impound your car, so do not try to be a smartass.

The good news is that central streets that feed the main boulevards and surround historic buildings are all parking options, but you need to pay the fees, about 2€ per day.

2. Lunch and dinner

If you want to, you can dine in any restaurant placed in the historic center of the city, near the Royal Poker Club. And there are lots of good places with local specialties. But if you do not want to lose any time and risk missing a blind level in a tournament, or if you don’t want to lose your place at the cash game table, we strongly recommend you the Royal Club’s cuisine, with their tasty meals and various food offers. You will be served directly at the poker table!

3. Parties and fun stuff

Considering you will be spending at least some days in Cluj, you might want to make your Christmas present shopping in the city. The good part is that both the local Malls, Polus and Iulius, have Christmas Fare Days, with lots of handmade, local and unique products.

Besides, you might want to try the wild nighlife of the city with your poker buddies. The Midi Club is ranked as 26th in the world by DJ Mag. Other renowned places to have fun are Janis Club, Obsession and many others.

And don’t forget, we can also offer you special room rates during our festival (click for details).


Finally, once again, here’s the complete poker schedule for PokerFest Cluj, December 2014:

Date, time Tourney Buy-in Details
Tu, 16 dec, 17:00 Super Satellite (Main Event Day 1A) 100+20 RON, R+A 20 min/level. Chips: 3.000/3.000/6.000
Tu, 16 dec, 21:00 1 Rebuy + 1 Addon 150+30 RON 20 min/level. Chips: 8.000 buy-in, 10.000 rebuy, 16.000 addon
We, 17 dec, 17:00 Super Super Satellite (Main Event Day 1A) 100+20 RON, R+A 20 min/Level. Chips: 3.000/3.000/6.000
We, 17 dec, 21:00 NLH Freezeout 300+30 RON 20 min/level. Chips: 15.000
Th, 18 dec, 13:00 Main Event, Day 1A, re-entry 500+50 EUR 40 min/level. Chips: 30.000
Th, 18 dec, 17:00 Super Super Satellite (Main Event, Day 1B) 100+20 RON, R+A 20 min/level. Chips: 3.000/3.000/6.000
Fr, 19 dec, 13:00 Main Event, Day 1B, re-entry 500+50 EUR 40 min/level. Chips: 30.000
Fr, 19 dec, 17:00 NLH Knockout 200+100+30 RON 30 min/level. Chips: 15.000
Sa, 20 dec, 13:00 Main Event, Day 2 Played until the Final Table is reached.
Sa, 20 dec, 17:00 NLH Last Chance, re-entry 500+50 RON 30 min/level. Chips: 10.000
Su, 21 dec, 13:00 Main Event, Final Table Played until a champion is crowned.


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