Petar Zografov wins PokerFest Cluj 2013. Zsuffa Miklos comes second

The second stage in PokerFest Romania Circuit ended last night, after a blitzkrieg final table that ended in less than five hours. At the end, the only player left with chips was Petar Zografov. The Bulgarian was in control of the final table from start to finish, in a combination of aggressive poker style, inspiration and luck.

Zografov became the first foreign player to win a Romanian PokerFest Main Event, remarcable feat considering he was among chip-leaders from day 1. Even more interesting for our circuit is the fact that in heads-up, another foreign player came second, hungarian Zsuffa Miklos from Budapest.


After sending off five players, Zografov had a huge chiplead in heads-up with 80% of the total number of chips in front of him. Zsuffa was the only player to stand between the Bulgarian pro and the PokerFest title. Still, for 30 minutes, it seemed that Zsuffa will be a tough nut to crack. The Hungarian adapted rather quickly to the situation and started to 3-bet all-in multiple times, taking down lots of small pots. Still, his run ended in some kind of a cooler situation.

Zsuffa min-raised from the button to 80.000, Zografov 3-bet to 180.000 and Zsuffa shoved all-in with 800.000 chips. Zografov snap-called and we had the final showdown:

Zografov: qsqh

Zsuffa: ad4h

Board: 3c7d6s9h7s, queens held up for the Bulgarian player and Zografov took down the PokerFest Cluj Main Event.

This is the second largest result for Zografov, after winning Eureka Varna 2012.


This is the Complete Payout in our PokerFest Main Event:

Buy-in: 630+70 EUR, Second Chance

Entries: 192

Place Name Country
1 Petar Zografov Bulgaria
2 Miklos Zsuffa Hungary
3 Bogdan Sovaiala România
4 Alpar Soos România
5 Daniel Pop România
6 Andrei Boghean România
7 Cristian Tamas România
8 Dimitar Aleksandrov Bulgaria
9 Sergiu Cornea România
10 Cosmin Nedelea România
11 Vlad Peter România
12 Bogdan Samson România
13 Bogdan Avram România
14 Cristian Murgoci România
15 Viorel Dincă România
16 Claudiu Ianuszewicz România
17 Luca Almosnino România
18 Cristian Pop România


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Our circuit will be heading east, to Piatra-Neamț, whith a new slate of poker tournaments programmed to take place during April 10-14.

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