MidnightPoker, 6th edition: Paul Bogdan heads to the special guests Bianca Mârcă-Lucaci, who until then had caused a stir!

Do you know that fabulous run of cards, situations and decisions, at the first tournament played and won when we were beginners? When everything goes perfectly and we end up asking ourselves: how do some people manage to lose in this simple game like poker?

Well, make-up artist Bianca, the special guest of the 6th edition of Midnight Poker, lived for over three hours the magic of a series of pots won exactly at the tank and of naive but perfect folds. She managed to finish the game in 2nd place, thus leaving behind five eliminated who will follow for a long time the thought that they were beaten by an absolute outsider.

Bianca paid well with as-high but also folded well with as-high (for example), so not only did the good run of cards fuel her rise in the tournament, but also a kind of mysterious intuition that helped her in the more difficult times. All in all, with or without technical legitimacy, Bianca put dynamite on the fire of the game and the result was one of the funniest and most exciting episodes so far.

Bianca's opponents, all more experienced, gave way in their attempts to take her chips, with the exception of Paul Bogdan from Cluj, a 36-year-old engineer who is passionate about poker in his free time who, with a game as careful as possible, managed to the guest's big day run and get their hands on the $ 3,000 check.

But Midnight Poker is not over: six more episodes are scheduled by 888poker and Pokerfest starting February 11th. The qualifying satellite will be played on 888poker on February 5 at 20:00, with a $ 5 buy-in, an increasingly popular tournament on the Romanian 888 platform.

Congratulations to Paul Bogdan, but also to Bianca who almost missed winning the grand prize!

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