Marius Gicovanu Wins the 888Live Mamaia Main Event!


End of festival in Bavaria Blu Hotel! The new champion is Marius Gicovanu, who managed to win the title and the biggest prize of the series! After three tournament days, in which inspiration and patience were his allies, the Romanian pro from Braşov managed to gather all the 378 starting chipstacks, ensuring a nice €35,000 check.

Gicovanu entered the last day of the tournament with the biggest stack and, even if he was overtaken in the temporary standings at certain times, he was the one who controlled the tournament.

In heads-up, he came in with the advantage and he knew to keep control of Adrian Iacob, and in the last hand he also had the luck of champions. According to the Lets Poker live-text transmission, in the last confrontation Gicovanu managed to flush a pair of jacks, winning with a dominated hand, K-J versus A-K.

For the second place, Iacob received a nice prize of €23,050, this being his biggest prize in live tournaments.

Gicovanu already boasts over half a million euros in live winnings, including a PokerFest title in 2015 for € 50,970 and a second place in 2017 in a Barcelona festival.

Here is the full rankings of the 9 ranked players today in the Main Event:

Place Name Prize
1 Marius Gicovanu 35,000 €
2 Adrian Iacob 23,050 €
3 Eusebiu Jalbă 16,675 €
4 Adrian Ionescu 13,445 €
5 George Marius Stan 10,600 €
6 Cristian Grecu 8,025 €
7 Ștefan Dragomir 5,955 €
8 Sorin Păcală 4,475 €
9 Cătălin Dragomir 3,600 €

With the Main Event, the 888Live Mamaia festival ends. Great success for all poker players, congratulations to all winners!

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