Liz Lieu, Special Guest in PokerFest Bucharest

PokerFest Romania is proud to announce that Liz Lieu will join our next Main Event programed to take place this month.


The Poker Diva will arrive in Romania next week and will play in day 1B of our tournament, in February 14th.

Liz is a member of the International Stadiums Poker Tour Team, a very ambitious project prepared to take place this year and hosted by the Wombley Stadium in England.

Born in Vietnam, Liz moved to USA when she was just a little child, along with her family. After she turned 18, she took a job as a poker dealer, also learning and playing the game in her spare time. She became better and better playing cash and tournament poker, and in 2005 she entered some of the World Series Of Poker events, having a tremendous success that included a 5th place in one tourney, result that brought her fame and her first six figure cash, almost $170,000.

From that point, her career thrieved and Liz has today almost one million dollars in live-events winnings.

Liz is a very enjoyable person and she has a very big heart, always being enchanted to take part in all sorts of philantrophic events.


Welcome to Romania, Liz Lieu!



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