Gina Pistol, the new PokerFest ambassador

The third season in PokerFest offers some big surprises for our players, and one of these surprises is the introduction of beautiful Gina Pistol as our ambassador. The ex-playmate is one of the most recognizable persons in the romanian showbiz.

Gina is a well knon admirer of Texas Holdem Poker, achieving success in every media project related with poker.Her collaboration with PokerFest starts with our first festival in 2013, programmed in Bucharest, February 11th – February 17th.

Besides her glamurous image, Gina is a smart, modest and talented woman that built her career starting as a sales representative in her home-town, Rosiorii de Vede.

Miss Pistol’s first PokerFest tournament will be the Ladies’ Event, programmed to take place in February 11th.


“Poker for me was like love at first sight. I’ve played some online poker, but my true passion is for live play. I love to confuse my rivals, I’m very hard to read because, sometimes, not even I don’t know the decision I’m taking”

Gina Pistol, PokerFest ambassador


PokerFest wishes her all the luck. Welcome to PokerFest, Gina Pistol!

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