First Stage in 2013 comes to an end in Bucharest

The first stage of PokerFest’s third season came to an end Sunday, February 17th, marking a very successful debut of our poker circuit in 2013.


Hundreds of players took part in our events organized in Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest, the tournaments were highly publicized by general media platforms, a very important aspect for the Romanian poker scene.


In total, there were nine events: three supersatellites, the main event with a buy-in of €1,000, three side-events with buy-ins ranging from €75 up to the €330 knockout, the first Ladies’ Event ever in Romania and a traditional mass-media freeroll. Besides that, we had a very entertaining heads-up dispute between our very own ambassador, local starlet Gina Pistol, and one of pokers’ most proficient ladies, Liz Lieu. Gina won!



The main event had 303 entrants and lasted 5 calendar days. The final table composed by nine players took place on February 17th and, after nine hours, we had a champion.

It was one of the “heaviest” final tables in Romania, and Marian Mitran won the trophy, defeating some of the most highly regarded players in our country, including Dan Murariu (the only double champion in Unibet Open) and Narcis Olaru (five times finalist in PokerFest).

Place First Name Last Name
1* Marian Mitran
2* Narcis Olaru
3* Mihai Taizs
4 Dan Murariu
5 Tiberiu Zanfirache
6 Mihai Robert
7 Vlad Cojocariu
8 Marius Câmpan
9 Andrei Grigoraș
10 Stan Solomon
11 George Drăghici
12 Ben Averbuch
13 Luca Almosnino
14 Alin Tatoiu
15 Carmen Zăinescu
16 Alexandru Papazian
17 Gabriel Cioacă
18 Claudiu Ianuszewicz
19 Valentin Ghioca
20 Gabriela Cotelici
21 Bogdan Spataru
22 Maxine Conte
23 Cornel Medeș
24 Cosmin Dragomir
25 Eduard Norel
26 Alexandru Nistor
27 Victor Olaru



PokerFest is the biggest tournament series in Eastern Europe and its very good organization competes with events in a higher buy-in level.

I’m impressed, I didn’t expect to find such a good poker event here!”, said Liz Lieu when she left Romania. “Perfect organization, I haven’t seen many events with such a good composure; if I didn’t believe what I’m saying, I wouldn’t speak, I’d simply keep quiet”.


Our next festival in 2013 will take place in Cluj Napoca, March 11th-March 15th, with a €700 Main Event.

For more informations, you can contact us by e-mail: or by telephone: (+4)0733.450.808.




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