Road To Las Vegas

Tonight on B1 TV, live poker: the 20th edition of the Road to Vegas show!

Our and partners’ show at 888poker continues tonight on B1 TV at 00:42 with a new episode. It will be almost four hours of intense play for three beautiful prizes between six online qualifiers in last Friday’s satellite on 888poker and the special guest of the edition, TV star Manuela Oprișiu.

The format of the tournament is the known one: it is played for about 3.5 hours for three winning places and, if the game does not end at the announced deadline (including five final hands), the tie is made according to the number of chips. The champion will leave with the “Road to Vegas” prize worth $ 2,700 and the 2nd and 3rd places will receive $ 506 and $ 303 respectively in tournament tickets.

We remind you that entrants have already benefited from the online prizes collected on the satellite in the $ 5 tournament with $ 1,000 in guaranteed prizes, but also from the over 1,000 Ron allocated to the finalists for the expenses for participating in the live final.

So we are waiting for you tonight at the show on B1, but also on Friday night from 22:00 on to play your chance to enter the live game next Thursday!

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