Cosmin Calea ‘xKoSSSx’ wins the 23rd edition of “Road to Vegas”

Cosmin Calea, one of the most skilled young Romanian professional players played the qualifying satellite on 888poker and, once among the six finalists of the show, automatically became the favorite of the final number 23 “Road to Vegas”, broadcast every Thursday night the B1 TV.

Cosmin was the chip leader of the match almost all the time, with small moments of momentum between him and – especially – the surprising special guest of the edition, Doinița Oancea, who, with an extremely active game, dominated the game in the first part of game, leading in the standings in a few situations.

But the fate of the well-known TV series actress was to leave in 5th place after impressing everyone with her audacity in the game. She also signed the first two eliminations, Tiberiu Miklos on 7 and Vlad Ungheanu on 6, but then she doubled Ioan Morar twice with some risky calls. Coming to a brief discussion in the broadcast booth, she revealed that she had once been a poker dealer before her career in film and theater – hence her ability to handle the stack of chips throughout the game.

The bubble-boy of the evening was the Bucharest policeman (originally from Craiova) Sorin Isprăvnicelu and, after the elimination of Morar on the 3rd, the game in two put face to face the tightest player of the final, Virgil Harabagiu with the most skillful opponent, Cosmin Path. The game was unusually long, ending in the penultimate hand of the game with a showdown between the two draws.

Cosmin also went through a phase of defeat towards the end when he had such a big advantage in the chips that he could get up from the table as a winner. But he probably miscalculated the stacks and made a 3-bet all-in with 55 versus QQ and tied the game.

This is how our penultimate final ended! The final qualifying satellite takes place tonight at 9pm on 888poker, with a $ 5 buy-in, a $ 1,000 prize pool and the first six eligible for next Thursday’s final.

Congratulations to the 23rd champion of our show, Cosmin Calea, the well-known xKoSSSx in the online arena!

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