Champions Game, February 25th, with Michael Mizrachi!

Michael Mizrachi, triple champion World Series Of Poker and International Stadiums Poker Tour ambassador, will play a very special Sit And Go against seven of the best poker players in Romania, this Monday, February 25th, 2013. The winner walks away with a ticket for the first ISPT stage scheduled to take place on Wembley this summer.


Here is the list of players:


No. Name Live Tourney Prizes
1 Michael Mizrachi 14.500.000$
2 Dan Murariu 1.050.000$
3 Mihai Manole 1.900.000$
4 Dany Parlafes 350.000$
5 Ionel Anton 1.950.000$
6 Alain Medeșan 500.000$
7 Robert Cezărescu 300.000$
8 Narcis Olaru 150.000$


The SNG will be hosted by Queen Casino Bucharest, starting at 14:00 local time (GMT+2). The event will be broadcasted in livestream format on


Who are the players


Michael Mizrachi

Has 3 World Series Of Poker (WSOP) titles (bracelets) and 2 World Poker Tour (WPT) titles in his poker career. Two of his WSOP titles came in the Poker Player’s Championship, one of the toughest tournaments on the planet.

Since 2012, Mizrachi is a member of the International Stadiums Poker Tour, a team that includes Sam Trickett, David Benyamine and Liz Lieu, names that wrote parts of the poker history.


Dan Murariu

The young romanian has a big experience both in live and online poker, with huge success and many final tables. His specialty is the Unibet Open Circuit, where Murariu reached 6 final tables and won two of them, setting some very hard to beat records. His playing style is, in fact, a definition of the „small ball poker” strategy, always on attack, but almost never risking his stack.


Mihai Manole

One of the most recognizable poker players in Romania, Mihai Manole started playing poker while attending college in Bucharest.. He built his bankroll starting from freerolls and in time, he developed laborious strategies that got him to an European Poker Tour final table in 2009. His qualities did not go unnoticed and Manole became the first sponsored romanian poker player.

Among recent results are two CAPT titles in Austria and one victory in our very own PokerFest Circuit, in November 2012.


Dany Parlafes

A well known player in romanian tournaments, Dany Parlafes had his best result in iPOPS Barcelona where he won the title, but he also has some EPT large cashes that recomend him as an MTT specialist.


Ionel Anton

Unlike his monday rivals, Ionel Anton made his fortune in the business zone. Poker is for him a hobby, but a hobby where Anton quickly became more proficent then many pros. In January 2011, Anton scored 1,35 million dollars in Bahamas, biggest romanian prize in poker, after finishing third in one of the biggest poker tournaments of the world.


Alain Medeșan

Curently a trainer for one of the most popular websites, Medesan has more then 10 years in the poker world. He started playing Holdem in Germany, where he had a bar and organized poker events for local comunities. After his return to Romania, Medesan gathered around half a million dollars playing poker, but he also trained some of the best new generation players.


Robert Cezărescu

Cezarescu is the definition of discipline and patience, with a hard to read poker strategy. He is the best poker player in our circuit, PokerFest Romania, being the lone player with two titles so far. His live poker success is dubbed by online large cashes.


Narcis Olaru

Not quite a professional poker player, but a very familiar face in romanian poker championships, Narcis Olaru traveled the world for the most exiting and entertaining poker tournaments, cashing in from Europe to South America. Olaru is always happy to play any game with anybody and his very optimistic persona will bring him at least lots of friends in the poker comunity.

But that doens’t mean Olaru isn’t a tough nut to crack. Narcis has five PokerFest final tables, including two second place finishes.


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