Bogdan Spătaru, PokerFest Champion in Bucharest, May 2013

At the end of a beautiful poker week in Bucharest, Bogdan Spataru is the new PokerFest Romania champion, winning the fifth main event of the year.

This is the most important result for Bogdan in his live tournament career, but the young player is only making his first steps in the live poker scene. Judging by the way he managed to dominate the final table, we are pretty sure we will soon hear more good news about him.

Having a calculated style without errors, with a great intuition and confusing strategies for his players, Spataru showed courage and strenght during the PokerFest Final Table, leaving very little room for chance in his game. After eight hours played on Sunday, he managed to eliminate all other competitors from the main event during a very tough final table that included Robert Cezarescu (the only PokerFest double-champion) and Mihai Taizs (multiple PokerFest final tables).

This is the ranking in the last day:

Loc Nume
1 Bogdan Spătaru
2 Nam Cohen
3 Mihai Taizs
4 Robert Cezărescu
5 Flavius Voinea
6 Bogdan Samson
7 Luca Almosnino
8 Dragoș Olteanu
9 Viorel Dincă


Our next tournament takes place in Mamaia, from June 17 to June 22, 2013.

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