PokerFest Bucharest – new tournaments scheduleAstăzi încep calificările online pentru ME București!

Our next poker festival will be held in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. The positive feedback from the media, the moderate buy-in at the Main Event (€1000) and the good reputation of PokerFest festivals itself will bring a lot of players to our poker tournaments in June.


So we prepared a nice schedule for our next festival, PokerFest Bucharest: we added a super-satellite right before the Main Event and we included some more side-events. Here is the whole schedule of our seven days festival:


In the first three days we will be organizing three live super-satellites for the Main Event. The third super-satellite will be played in the same day as the Day 1A of the Main Event and it will provide seats for Day 1B.

There will be 4 side-events (instead of two, as we were used to by now):


  • a €500 freezout starting June, 14 (the same day as Day 1B of the Main Event)
  • a R+A turbo € 80 starting June, 16
  • the €200 Second-Chance Starting June, 12
  • the €330 Knockout starting June, 15 – our popular side-event with lots of action at the tables.


The Main Event will be played along five calendar days, June 13-17, having the first day split into Day 1A and Day 1B. The final table will be featured live on Sunday, June 17th, starting at 13:00 EET.


The satellites for the Main Event are constantly running. The €1000 worth ticket into the Main Event can be obtained either by playing live in our €50 R+A satellites or online on PokerStars in the steps qualifiers starting from as low as € 2.2 R+A.


We will also be organizing the second edition of the PokerFest Press Trophy, the invitational freeroll for the media representatives, designed to establish and nourish a good relationship with the media and the public in general.


We’re expecting to have a record number of participants in the Main Event and at the side-events as well. The players field will most probably be easy to dominate and the games will be accessible due to the great number of recreational players who come to PokerFest tournaments and due to the great amount of players who qualify for the event.



A ‘welcome party’ for the players is announced. It’s not the first one we’re organizing for our participants and they always seem to have a great time.


So PokerFest Bucharest June 11-17 closes PokerFest spring and sets the two months vacation that will follow. We will be holding our next festival at the Black Sea, in Mamaia on September 5th – playing live poker while looking at the sea is an opportunity one should not miss!




 Cu o structură generală calibrată pentru buy-inul de 1000 de Euro, calificările online pentru Etapa 5 de la București debutează astăzi la ora 20:00 cu primul turneu: un subsatelit de 2.2 Eur 3x Turbo pentru satelitul de 109 Euro de miercuri.


Locurile pentru Main Event se pot obține online fie printr-un 33 Euro R+A, fie printr-un 109 Euro Freezout. Subsateliții (11 Freezout și 2,2 R+A 3xTurbo) asigură locuri în turneul de 109 de Euro.


Calificările online au loc zilnic (cu excepția zilelor de vineri), după programul acesta.Deasemeni, nu lipsește astăzi nici clasicul satelit live de la ora 17:00, cu 230 Ron R+A, de la Casino Queen.


La turneul de la București așteptăm un număr record de participanți și estimăm un fond de premii excepțional. Sateliții organizați live și online sunt cel mai ieftin mod de-a căpăta acces la Main Event. Vă așteptăm la calificări!

Programul festivalului

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