Alin Băbău wins the 19th edition of „Road to Vegas”. Giani Kirita, the bubble boy !

One of the most balanced and carefully played editions „Road to Vegas” ended at the time limit allowed by the B1 channel with the victory of Alin Băbău from Timisoara, 26 years old, info student and big fan of online cash games. And how this edition (but , attention, and the following) had three paid seats, there was a very interesting game on the bubble, in the last five and then four, when Giani Chiriță, long chip leader, became short stack in 4 blinds, quadrupled and resumed the lead making an elimination, then again descended to the bottom of the standings and was eventually eliminated on the bubble, despite the determination and energy he emanated all evening.
The new champion went head-to-head with Florin Mihai, a very skilled Blast player on who did a great job and only the book run stopped him from the title. So, starting with this edition, not only that three places are awarded instead of one, but the qualifications of the next editions will also receive 1,050 Ron as travel expenses in the capital.

The next qualifying satellite is taking place tonight on and anyone with just $ 5 will be able to be among the six finalists for next week’s edition, in the $ 1,000 guaranteed tournament from 10pm.

Congratulations to Alin, and we are waiting for you to qualify for the 20th edition!

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