2014 PokerFest Cluj Main Event Starts Today with Day 1A!

The awaited moment has come! Alex Cretu, our tournament director, will announce the famous “Shuffle Up and Deal” in PokerFest Cluj Main Event, Day 1A, at 13:00 local time.

The €550 event will attract a large number of local, talented players, but also we will find competitors from other cities of even foreigners.

With a popular structure tested in numerous past PokerFest Main Events, our tournament will most probably have a six-figure prizepool. The tournament offers re-entry possibilities and all those that manage to reach the end of the night with chips in front of them will qualify in the second day, programmed Saturday, September 20th.

Thursday also brings the last super satellite, as detailed below.


PokerFest Cluj 2014, Main Event, Day 1A Details:

Place: Royal Poker Club Cluj-Napoca, King Ferdinand Street #6

Date and Time: Sept 18th, 13:00

Format: NLHE, re-entry

Buy-in: 500+50€

Starting stack: 30.000

Reentry stack: 30.000

Time/level: 40 min


Today’s Super Satellite Details:

Place: Royal Poker Club Cluj-Napoca, King Ferdinand Street #6

Format: NLHE, unlimited rebuys for 6 levels, one addon at the end of level 6

Date and Time: Sept 18th, 17:00

Buy-in: 100+20 RON

Starting stack: 3.000

Rebuy stack: 3.000

Addon stack: 6.000

Time/level: 20 min

Prizes: 1 Main Event Day 1B for every 550 EUR in the prizepool.


The complete PokerFest Schedule and details about preferential room rates can be found here.

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