10 Things To Do And To See While Playing In The PokerFest 7 Year Anniversary

PokerFest 7 ANI will be held in Braşov and offers an excellent opportunity for players to combine a poker holiday with a visit to a gorgeous city that has become a touristic attraction in the heart of Romania in recent years.

Today we offer a list of 10 goals and activities that can be combined with the poker program so one does not need to sacrifice the attractions for the game and the game for various attractions.

1. Belvedere

Discover the most beautiful view of the city! This is a a view that no tourist has ever missed! The most spectacular view is after dawn, but of course, the daytime view is not one to neglect either. Make sure you grab something to snack or drink before visiting, as there are no shops around.

* 8 minutes by car from the festival.

* recommended minimum 20 min

2. The Black Church

The Black Church, one of the symbols of Brasov, is the largest sacral structure in Romania and the largest hall church at the East of Vienna.

Except for Turkey, the Black Church possesses the largest collection of Oriental carpets in Europe dating back to the 15th-16th centuries. The Black Church Tower is the largest mobile bell in Romania, with a weight of approx. 6.000 kg.

6 George Bariţiu Street
Contact: 0268 511 824

Tuesday – Saturday: 10.00 – 16.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 16.00
Monday: closed
* 6 minutes away by car from the festival.

* recommended minimum 1h

3. Superland

Superland is the biggest playground in Romania. Free entry for kids and adults with each activity being paid separately.

The large playground areas and the broad list of activities makes Superland the best destination for the whole family.

Two of the main attractions are the 8D cinema, the only one in Europe and Luna Park, a 400 meter square area which has a carousel and “flying cars”.

Schedule: Daily 10:00 – 22:00

4. Aquatic Paradise

A true paradise has 5 indoor swimming pools, a hot pool with exits both on the inside and outside, 2 outdoor pools, a wet and a dry sauna, 3 jacuzzis and a relaxation cave. You can also enjoy the gym, or play football and volleyball. Kids can play on the 2 slides and enjoy a swimming pool just for themselves.

Bulevardul Griviței 2F
Contact: 0268 440 070


*6 min drive from the festival.

*between 2-4 hours recommended

5. ATV Trips

We are here to guide you on your next adventure! Unique ATV trips with local guides at a short distance from the festival. You can enjoy a ride in Poiana Brasov, Predeal or Bran.

*between 15-45 min drive from the festival.

*between 2-6 hours recommended.

6. Bran Castle

Did you know the author of the novel “Dracula” hasn’t actually visited Romania? His story begins from a presentation of our castle, found in England at the end of the XIX’th century.

Dracula, as known today, simply represents a fictional character. His name comes from his father, Vlad Tepeș and his nickname, who from political reason, history describes him as ruthless and thirsty for blood.



*45 min drive from the festival.

*between 2-3 hours recommended.


7. The Black And White Tower

Discover Brasov though the eyes of the 2 observation towers.

The white tower impresses everyone through its 20m height and the 4m width of the walls. The diameter of the tower is also 19m.

The black tower has survived a lightning which destroyed its roof, a storm that ruined its left wall and a fire which darkened its walls and therefore the name the Black Tower. After countless restorations, today, numerous exhibitions take place in the beautiful and actually white tower.

White Tower

  • Address: Calea Poienii
  • *6 min drive from the festival.
  • *1 hour recommended

Black tower

  • Address: George Barițiu 34 (behind the walls)
  • *6 min drive from the festival.
  • *1 hour recommended

8. Off Road 4×4

  • Perhaps you might not understand them, but we think its theater, you should read their expression and admire their talent. “Horror gardens”, “Sector S”, “G method” and “Three tall women”. Further details on the official website: https://www.teatrulsicaalexandrescu.ro.

    Address: Piața Teatrului 1

    Contact: 0268 412 969

    *3 min drive from the festival.

10. Festival de dans contemporan

During the festival season, you can also enjoy a contemporary dance festival taking place in Brasov. Further details on their official website: www.centrulculturalreduta.ro

Address: Apollonia Hirscher 8



The PokerFest 7 ANI Festival will run from 22-28 October 2018, has a guaranteed prize pool of 700,000 RON and will be hosted by Seven Inn Poker Club and Sergiana Ballroom. Details of the game schedule, accommodation offer and other information can be found on the dedicated page.

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