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PokerFest is the the major live poker tournaments organizer in Romania.

Our organization owes its good reputation to the staff, which organized most of the Romanian poker tournaments. Functioning impeccably as a team, it came to score, on November the 23rd 2011 at PokerFest 2011 Bucharest, the European record for the number of participants in a super-satellite and also a record amount for the first place in the Main Event: the cup and €60,000  for the winner, for a buy in of only €730+30  – ratio that would make any other similar current European circuit envious.

Even if it started off around the end of the year, PokerFest calendar for 2011 covered four poker festivals in four different cities in Romania – a feat of strength meant to adjust the organizer’s mobility for the future tournaments.

Among PokerFest’s projects for 2012 are both the organization of at least six major events in Romania and the first steps towards extending the PokerFest circuit in the Balkans. This goal is easier to accomplish than it seems, given the fact that we offer our participants a generous pool of players – thus big prizes for medium buy-ins, a system of live and online satellites that allows also young players to attend and an organizing that respects the highest standards in the field today.

The modern concept of a poker tournament is not only about the invested and the cashed money, but a whole experience, the access to a fascinating community of players, the rapid exchange of information sometimes crucial for many poker carriers and most of all it’s about enjoying a few days of comfort, safety and relaxation together with friends from all over the country and maybe even from all over the world.

We all know a poker tournament is more appealing when it has many participants. By “domesticating” the game of poker, managing to take it out from the wicked sign of an old mentality, connecting it to the latest technologies in data systematization and streamlining actions and treating it as a worldly high class event, PokerFest hopes to bring more participants each time, therefore bigger prizes for everyone!

We are inviting you to play in our tournaments, we’re ready to offer you more than you expect.

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